Northern Illinois Parent Club

Proud sponsors of the United States Air Force Academy

United States Air Force Academy
Preparatory School


Col Jacqueline D. Breeden
Prep School Commander

The U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School is designed to academically, physically and militarily prepare qualified young men and women to enter the Academy. Cadet applicants who are not accepted into the Academy may receive an appointment to the Prep School. Successful completion of the Prep School improves graduates' chances for appointment as a cadet but does not guarantee admission to the Academy.

Every cadet candidate must accept the Honor Code when entering the Prep School. Cadet candidates also have the opportunity to participate in community service projects, honor and ethics symposiums and distinguished visitor testimonials as part of the continuous character development process.

Mailing letters and packages Each Cadet Candidate (C/C) is issued a PO Box number. This address is for 1st class mail [letters, cards, magazines, etc] and boxes delivered via USPS. The address will look like the following:

C/C John Doe
5136 Eagle Dr
USAF Academy CO 80840

Packages delivered by UPS or FEDEX cannot be mail to the PO Box because someone must be present to receive and sign for the package. Employees of the U.S. Post Office will not provide this service. Packages delivered by either UPS or FEDEX are mailed to the following address:

C/C John Doe
5216 Cedar Dr, Ste 204
USAF Academy CO 80840

This address is the Student Services office. Student Services receives and signs for all packages delivered via UPS and FEDEX. The cadet candidate is notified of the received package and picks it up and sign for it at Student Services.