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A compilation of You Tube Videos telling the USAFA Story...enjoy!

General Welsh Speech to USAFA - 2011
Briefing given by General Mark A Welsh III, who is now Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, speaks to the Cadet Wing

United States Air Force Academy Commercial
Air Force Academy Ad (Long version) - Only the Beginning

Air Force Academy - World Class Faculty
By Academy Admissions - the Air Force combines civilian and military professors to provide a unique, world-class education for cadets.

Air Force Academy - The Academic Experience
By Academy Admissions - Learn how cadets at the Air Force Academy get real-world learning and research experiences not found at most universities.

I am a Cadet at Your Academy -- C1C Gibson
USAFA Official - C1C Gibson tells you about his Air Force Academy experience.

A Year in the Blue (previously Wings of Honor)

Documentary Film Trailer - Experience a Cadet’s first days at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
A Year in the Blue is a forthcoming documentary film about how tomorrow’s leaders are built from raw promise of incoming cadets.
Directed by film veteran Jon Husband of Cine-Design Films.

Air Force Academy Class of 2012 “100’s Night”
By USAFA Cadet Media - approximately 100 days from graduation, firsties receive their base assignments at 100’s night celebration.

Class of 2014 Recognition
USAFA Official - the Class of 2014 Recognition experience.

“In the Stairwell” to Perform at the White House
By USAFA Official - The Academy's a cappella group "In the Stairwell" was approached by the White House Social Office to perform at one of the President's holiday receptions Friday, Dec. 9, 2011. This is their version of Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas.

In the Stairwell” - Requiem
By AOG - Watch as Air Force Academy cadet singing sensation "In the Stairwell" performs a touching piece from long-time Disney favorite, the Lion King, as the AOG pays tribute to the young men and women who endure the Academy and go on to serve our nation.

Gangman Style: USAFA Spirit Video

Spirit Video made by the fourth class cadets of CS37 for the 2012 Falcons vs. Navy Football weekend